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John William Georges
"He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again."


In the continuing tradition of excellence at
Escondido High School,
we are proud to announce that has been awarded the
"Excellence in Education Award
for Outstanding Website"


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Welcome back to
Room 49A
at Escondido High School!
This site is a tribute to
Escondido High School's
most beloved English teacher,
Mr. John W. Georges
EHS Faculty 1949-1984
We extend a warm welcome to you, whether or not you're an EHS graduate.
Sample some of the world's greatest literature.
Be inspired by the story of a real American hero.
Visit us often, and make your own reading room.
We're back and updated!
This site was launched May 31, 2003 and is maintained with Cougar pride by EHS alumni.


Old Cougars just keep going and going and going...

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The old EUHS, circa 1950

"Escondido, Alma Mater,
This we pledge to thee:
Faithful students and alumni
we shall ever be."
Number of faithful Cougar alumni visitors since June, 2003:

"Ours a school of highest honor
Rising now anew:
Escondido, Alma Mater,
Loyal, strong, and true."

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