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Escondido High School has always been very proud of its yearbook, The Gong. Like the real gong that once graced the hallways of the original Escondido High School building in the 19th century, our Gongs signify for us the passage of time within our community of students and alumni.


From the 1950 Gong


A page from the 1950 Gong...
At the end of Mr. Georges' first year at EUHS, the caption reads:

"To Mr. Georges went the double job of teaching English II and coaching JV football. Both jobs were successful- the JV came through undefeated and the Sophomores actually learned some English. Mr. Georges' friendly personality and good-humor quickly made many friends."


We recently acquired Mr. Georges' copy of the 1984 Gong, signed by many members of the Classes of 1984 and 1985. Miss Nancy Coolidge had taken over for Mr. Georges when he became too ill to finish the academic year. She arranged for this compilation of messages to him. We have reprinted some of them below.
We are very grateful to have this memorial from some of Mr. Georges' last students, and we look forward to hearing from the members of the Class of 1984!

Dear Mr. Georges,
I thank you for everything you have given me. When I was ready to give up, you reassured me. You taught me what it means to be brave and courageous. From the literature you taught us, I came to understand what human dignity and individual greatness are. Someday I will become great and make you proud. I will always remember you, and you will always have a special place in my heart. THANK YOU.
Mr. Georges,
Please come back. We need you!
Dear Mr. Georges,
I will always remember you as my favorite teacher. It was unfortunate that we missed out on your presence. I will always remember your warmth and the smile which brightened my day. I hope your recovery is a speedy one.
Dear Mr. Georges,
We Juniors got by easy this year! We're looking forward to your return in the Fall!
Mr. Georges,
I really missed you this year, I couldn't seem to get as motivated without you. Thank you for everything.
Mr. Georges,
I hope you are getting better so that you can come back next year. We all sure miss you.
Dear Mr. Georges,
I would just like to thank you in this short passage for all that you have ever done for me. You have taught and I have learned. I leave you with my undying admiration and utmost respect.
Dear Mr. Georges,
I hope that you'll be back soon doing the things that you love most. See you in September (please.)
Mr. Georges,
I've really enjoyed my year here at Escondido High. I'm very thankful that the Lord enabled me to take your English class! Even in the short time that you were here I've grown to respect you tremendously! Thanks for everything! I hope that you are able to return soon so that others may share the benefits I've had in taking your class. God bless.
Mr. Georges,
You've been around a longer time than I, I'm sure you've seen people like me who get terrible grades in your class is what I'm referring to. What I want to say is that even when people fail your class they learn much. It takes a great teacher to do that. I wish you could have spent more time with us this year. It's an honor to say that I had Mr. Georges for English. My deepest respect.
Mi Estimado Maestro,
Ever since I was a freshman I used to hear about your music and how great you were. I thought I'd never get to meet you but my luck held on. I loved your music and you were a great teacher. I say "were" because from what I hear you won't be here for my sister. Thank you for everything, I will always be tu amigo.