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EHS Links

Here are some internet links of interest to EHS alumni...
Roll call! Here are some class websites we've found with great pictures from recent reunions:

Class of 1980

Class of 1963

Class of 1956

We hope to see your class listed here soon! Thanks to the mighty
Classes of 1963 and 1956 who placed an EHS49A link on their websites!

Do you wish your children or grandchildren could learn grammar the way we did in Rm. 49A? This website was developed by Noreen Mulliken, a teacher who was mentored by Mr. Georges. We are very excited about this "online classroom" which is sponsored by the Grammar Mechanics Foundation, a non-profit organization. Please visit this great resource!

This is the official EHS website! We deeply appreciate being listed as a link on the "Alumni" page here. We also love the "History" page, even if some of the punctuation does make us wince...(Escondido High School is proud of it's history? Hmmm, we hear Mr. Georges reaching for his red ink pen!)

Mr. Milton Harvey

Dick Harvey had a tremendous influence on all of us who were privileged to be his music students at EHS from 1969 to 1983. Click on the link above to view an article in the North County Times describing his career and achievements. Thanks, Mr. Harvey, for all you did for us!

Mr. Daniel Jupp

Mr. Jupp also taught English at Escondido High School from 1962-85. He was a good friend and "neighbor" to Mr. Georges in his next-door classroom, Rm. 49. He is now retired and a published author. Click on the link above to see a description of his published work.

Mr. Wallace Gray

Mr. Wallace Gray is fondly remembered as the advisor for the EHS newspaper, The Cougar, and our yearbook, The Gong, for 30 years during the 1950's-1980's. Click on his website link above to read about his interesting life and travels.

This proprietary website has some interesting features, including a growing list of EHS alumni and a lively chat exchange. Visit it to find information about reunions, too.

This proprietary website has information on EHS reunions that are being organized by the National Association of Reunion Managers.

Do you know of an EHS-related website? Let us know and we'll list it here!


This picture from the 1963 Gong is captioned:
"Volunteers? You, you and you!"
We want YOU to make a website for your class!

From the 1959 Gong

"Hey! Don't just sit there staring at the Internet!
Click on 'Reading Room' and read some literature!"