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What's new on our website?

Check out our new "Cougar Spirit" page!


From the Website Staff...

What's a "Gong?" We get this question from website visitors occasionally. The Gong is the name of the EHS yearbook (currently the *100th* edition is being prepared by the Class of 2008.) The name is derived from a real gong which once was rung between classes in the hallways of the original Escondido High School, a beautiful Victorian building destroyed by fire in 1927 (see the "Our Town" page for a picture of this stunning edifice.) Escondido High School is indeed proud of ITS (no apostrophe!) history, and the name "Gong" still signifies to us the passage of time within our school community.

A look at old Gong yearbooks is a fascinating trip into the past. In our archives, we have accumulated a growing collection. We were thrilled recently to be given a 1984 Gong with messages from some of Mr. Georges' last students before his retirement. Take a moment to read some of these messages on our new "Gong Memories" page. We would love to hear from some of the members of the Classes of 1984 and 1985 who expressed so eloquently their feelings of pride- and loss- as another chapter of EHS history drew to a close.


  • We've been so pleased to hear that this website has brought old friends together again! Check out our "Links" page, featuring links to some great photos of recent EHS reunions!
  • We can hardly believe it! Our plea has been answered! Yes, the text of "The Ballad of Big Bad John Georges" has been sent to us by the wonderful Joanne Saffiote Kolman, Class of 1972. Click on our Bulletin Board page to access the words of this immortal exemplar of English narrative poetry!
  • We have added a new category to the Reading Room: a selection of quotes from Sir Winston Churchill. You may remember listening to recordings of his stirring speeches in Rm. 49A. Visit the Reading Room to re-visit his inspiring words.
  • Our website has been awarded the "Excellence in Education Award for Outstanding Website" by Be sure to visit this website which provides some great resources for parents and educators.
  • Pat Paluso has sent us a great page from the 1965 Gong! Need a smile? Check out the ensuing hilarity when a prank is played on an unsuspecting Mr. Georges... visit our Photo Album page!
  • We've added a page so everyone can enjoy the great stories you send us about Mr. Georges! Check out our new "True Cougar Tales" page!
  • It just wouldn't be old Escondido without a tribute to our fine architectural heritage... yes, we've found a picture of the old Rube Nelson's market and posted it on the "Our Town" page. And all these years you thought you were just imagining a giant chicken on the roof!
  • We've added "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus in the American Literature section on the Reading Room page. This poem appears on the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
  • We've received several messages describing memories of the 3 x 5 cards that Mr. Georges used for his lectures. We've included one in the Rm. 49A Archives page!
  • A great picture of the intersection of Grand and Broadway in the late 50's has been added to the "Our Town" page.
  • A new quote has been added from Shakespeare's The Tempest. This especially lovely description of the earth ("The cloud-capp'd towers... the great globe itself...") is Shakespeare at his most poetic. Enjoy!
  • Check out our new Rm. 49A Archives page. We have found some interesting artifacts relating to Civil Defense back in the late 50's and early 60's!