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"Our Town"
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Does thinking about Rm. 49A bring to mind memories of old Escondido? Like the town described in Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town," Escondido was a  classic, small American community well into the 1960's...

In the beginning...


The original Escondido High School, circa 1913. None of us ever saw this building- it burned down long before any of us were born. But it looms large in our legend... a place of beauty and inspiration, where a gong once marked the passage of time.


This is the old police station on Grand Avenue.


This is a scene from the old public swimming pool, "The Plunge," at Grape Day Park.


Cruisin' Grand Avenue, facing east. These original palm trees planted in the 19th century were removed and replaced with a "safer" variety that doesn't grow as tall. That's progress...


This is the old Palomar Memorial Hospital, on the hill, in 1953. Lots of us got our start in life here! Proud dads, brothers, and sisters could view the new family additions through the windows outside.


Here's a view of the intersection of Grand Avenue and North Broadway, circa 1957. This was the center of activity in Escondido in those days.


This is a another view of the intersection of Grand Avenue and North Broadway in the early 1960's. Just like a big city, Escondido now has parallel parking!


Before I-15, the road to San Diego was two lanes. Here's where it crossed Lake Hodges. When this bridge got flooded, nobody left town!


Here's something you don't see anymore- a store with a giant chicken and other farm animals on the roof. Yes, it's Rube Nelson's Fabulous Country Corner, formerly at the corner of Broadway and Washington. Alas, this historic landmark has disappeared along with the rest of old Escondido...

"So--people a thousand years from now--this is the way we were."
Thornton Wilder
"Our Town" 1938

EUHS, 4th and Hickory Streets, 1950