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Mr. Georges was a master teacher. His system of teaching grammar to high school juniors and seniors was developed over 35 years. He used a unique method: students memorized basic rules of grammar, then examined samples of writing for "rules violated."
Do you remember these rules?

  • A sentence must have a subject and a verb.
  • A verb must agree with its subject in person and number.
  • A pronoun must have a specific, stated antecedent.
  • An introductory prepositional phrase must refer to the subject of the clause which contains the phrase.
  • A modifer must be placed as close as possible to the word it describes.

Do you teach high school English?

Click on the link above to visit an "online classroom"
in English grammar. It's a great resource!

Sentence Diagramming
Mr. Georges taught us to analyze sentence structure by diagramming. Smell the purple ink!