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Here are some pictures that will bring back memories...

From the 1967 Gong
Mr. Georges with David Sisson, Class of 1968

We've been looking for this one, folks! Remember the time in 1965 that a class put a bunch of newspapers over the door of Rm. 49A so that they would drop on an unsuspecting Mr. Georges? The event was captured for posterity in the 1965 Gong. The captions on the photos say:
"Got it" (next to the aspiring photojournalist)
"Oh no"
"What a mess!" (the first picture on this website of the actual entrance to Rm. 49A!)
"Best papers you guys have turned in all year." (we love it!)
Our deepest thanks to Pat Paluso, Class of 1966, for sending this unforgettable memory!

From the 1965 Gong- Thanks to Pat Paluso!

From the 1961 Gong

Will someone from the Class of 1961 please tell us what is going on here? We found this page in the '61 Gong. The 2 guys dueling each other (see arrow) are obviously in Rm. 49A, as the poster behind them says:
"One Day Only!
Battle of Hastings
Oct. 14, 1066"
Also, what has inspired Mr. Georges to such droll behavior?
Editor's Note: Thanks to Darby Walker, Class of 1966, for letting us know that
that's his brother Rick, Class of 1961, fighting the Battle of Hastings!

Thanks to Norman Weibel, Class of 1952!

Thanks to Gary Breylinger, Class of 1952!


Here's a young Mr. Georges
at the "old" EHS campus on the hill with
faculty colleague Mr. Bud Quade.


Here's a snapshot taken on the old Coronado ferry during a field trip during the early 60's.
Can anyone identify the students on the left?
Say, isn't that a future Class of 1973 alumna looking over Dad's shoulder?


This photograph is from a feature story which the Times-Advocate printed in 1981 to highlight Mr. Georges' accomplishments and the tremendous impact his career had on thousands of students in Escondido.


Mr. Georges with faculty colleagues
Mr. William Ulman and Mr. Ralph Vasquez.

Thanks to Jacquelin Cullens Balogh & Class of 1963

This is a photo of Mr. Georges during a television appearance he made on San Diego Channel 10 (KFSD, later KOGO) to accept the Teacher of the Week award in February, 1963. He was interviewed on the program by Channel 10 news announcer, Rod Sherry. The 1963 Gong contained 2 pictures from this program, complete with such droll commentary as, "Surely you jest."
(Thanks to Jack Georges, Class of 1969, for historical info.)

Get those old Gongs off the shelf!



Send us your favorite photos for our album!
EHS Alumni:
scan some of your old Gong yearbook
pictures for us!